Whether it's one new piece of furniture to improve any space, or a full room refurbishment, we have the ideas!

If you are working on a new build, planning a refurbishment, or just looking to freshen up your existing space with something new, we offer a room planning service which can include:

    • Expert advice and tailored recommendations based on your requirements and budget
    • In-depth floor plans and realistic 3D renders to help visualise your space
    • An itemised quote with the products recommended

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Grow.upp Room Planning

Grow.upp is a holistic room concept that uses nature as its model. Organic structures and gentle angles characterise the vibrant appearance of the rooms, which always allow new paths and create opportunities to discover, experience and learn new things.

With Grow.upp furniture from HABA, rooms can be designed to be as exciting as nature itself, and are the perfect supplement to a daily “excursion into nature”. The timeless look of the entire room lets Grow.upp create an atmosphere of familiarity and security. The natural arrangement of shapes and colours, as well as a unique relation of right-angled storage furniture, playable trapezoid and angled cabinets, platforms, tables and cubby hole caves creates plenty of space for children to explore and discover.


Colours influence our perception and our mood. Colours awaken emotions and memories. They shape our lives and make an important contribution to our sense of well-being. That’s why it’s important to consider the effects of colours when designing interior spaces, and to use them consciously in the design process.

That’s exactly what we’ve done with Grow.upp. The design language and overall room concept are based on the colour scheme of nature. It is characterised by soft, restrained colours, which are supplemented by carefully selected and sparingly applied accents. The natural and timeless charm of a room decorated in soft green, brown and blue tones awakens positive associations, and reminds us of our local landscape. The harmonious colour combinations support familiar visual patterns and create a feeling of safety and security.

Delivery and Installation

Depending on your requirements, we can provide a bespoke installation service.  Logistics are taken care of in full, from organising trucks to deliver anywhere in the UK, to our expert delivery team assisting on-site to fit and install your dream space. We are here to help and support you through every stage of the project!