Beginner Set

The large, well-designed set includes houses, number animals, and geometric shapes that represent the numbers 1-10 and enable children to access mathematics using their emotions. The houses have between 0 and 5 holes, symbolizing the numbers up to 5. Higher numbers
are represented by creating piles or putting figures next to each other. The soft number
animals have features that correspond to the number they represent. The 10 geometric felt
shapes have a non-slip base and have different numbers of corners, depending on the number
they represent.

Contents: 135 pieces. 16 number world houses (13 x 13 x 13 cm; 11 roofs (7 cm high), chimneys, flags; 55 black poles, 10 natural poles; 11 number animals (for comparison: ‘No 1’ H ca. 38 cm, Ø ca. 6.5cm), 10 number gardens (for comparison: circle Ø 75 cm, oval 100 x 60 cm).

Material: Houses made of wood, all edges are rounded, coated in saliva-resistant paint; flags made of fabric, number animals made of foam with terry cloth cover, washable at 30 °C; number gardens made of green felt.

• large, good value, well-designed basic set
• facilitates access to mathematics
• helps to develop basic mathematical understanding
• encourages playing, counting, and calculating

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