Stork Nest

Stork Nest: the Grow.upp play worlds offer many opportunities for little explorers: varied climbing routes lead to the houses, caves and towers, cosy retreat rooms offer security and different materials, surfaces and details enable sensory discovery. Made from Real Birch Wood.

  1. Cuddly cave
  2. Large retreat house
  3. Arch bridge with a view and a net
  4. Crawling cave with a curtain of leaves
  5. Challenging climbing ascent
    Each level in the tower and each cave can be equipped with a cushion (item no. 327899). Please order separately.

Technical Specifications
Positioning: Corner or alongside wall
Age group: from 1.5 years *
Platform height: 44 cm, 132 cm parapet
height : 100 cm Total height: 269 cm
Space requirement: 335 x 108 cm
Required room height greater than 294 cm.
* in the supervised area
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£8,847.90 ex VAT

Product Information

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