We use Real Wood
to improve the quality of life &
create a healthy room climate

We want you to enjoy our furniture for a very long time. This is why we select our raw materials very carefully and only use the highest HABA quality beech and birch veneers

What is veneer?
Veneer is a layer of wood cut or peeled off a tree trunk.

In the process, the trunks are boiled for 48 hours to make the wood malleable, and the bark is removed. A log is then spun around its own axis against a cutter bar that sheers a thin continuous sheet of veneer off the log layer by layer. The roll of veneer is then separated into thin individual sheets. Veneer can be manufactured from more than 200 types of wood. 

Plastic veneers / Wood veneer

A lot of furniture is labelled as having a “Beech finish”. This type of finish is not real wood, but instead a wood imitation that often cannot be distinguished from real wood. Using photo chemical or other technical processes, a simulated wood grain is transferred to a plastic surface. You can only be sure you are getting real wood if you see the veneer label!


We work closely with TÜV and other testing institutions and also have our own in-house testing laboratory. Our lab contains highly sensitive, precise equipment and is run by our safety experts. Our testing laboratory however, does not replace external certification. Quite the contrary, our internal tests give us the confidence that everything works exactly as it should. Chairs have to withstand 100,00 bends, 6,000 tipping tests and 5 drop tests. 

Certified HABA Quality

HABA can prove their compliance to the highest standards of quality: DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate. This certificate attests that we have successfully introduced and use a quality control system for both our products and our processes, so that we can guarantee consistent quality.

An ideal combination of inflammable fabric coverings and foam padding offers you furniture that meets modern fire protection requirements.

HABA furniture is warranted against manufacturer defects for up to 10 years to the original purchaser (warranty does not apply to normal use/wear of the product or product abuse). Read about our certification here