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Feeding Chairs


Whether eating, playing, doing arts & crafts or learning – many important activities in crèches, kindergartens and schools take place while sitting. A good sitting posture, which is supported by ergonomic, age-appropriate school and kindergarten furniture, is all the more important. Back-friendly sitting requires tables and chairs that are adapted to the body size and coordinated with each other. We offer a variety of seating furniture for children and adults that caters to the specific needs of each age group.

Sophisticated chairs for kindergartens and crèches

The HABA catalogue includes a wide range of chairs, stools, benches and armchairs for children and adults. The popular Favorit chair is made of high-quality beech wood and offers add-ons such as a Safety post or Side Panels for all applications, and comes in a variety of different seat heights. Our crib and kindergarten chairs are pleasantly light and can be easily carried and positioned by children. They can be stacked to save space and are non-tilting thanks to the slanted rear feet. Height-adjustable footrests ensure that even the little ones sit ergonomically and comfortably. 
The robust wooden benches offer practical seating in dining areas, play and reading corners. For flexible use in cloakrooms and gyms, stacking benches can be set up and stowed away to save space.

Ergonomic chairs for schools

A healthy posture has been shown to promote concentration and attention in class. The selection of suitable school chairs and tables plays an important role. We offer a diverse selection of ergonomic, height-adjustable, lightweight and stackable student chairs that support a healthy posture and enable long-term comfortable sitting. The popular kiboo air cushion chairs combine ergonomics with seating comfort. They are particularly light, easy to carry thanks to the recess on the backrest and can be stacked to save space. The kiboo model is available in different colors and frame variants with four different seat heights.

Teacher chairs and tables

Teachers and educators also spend a good part of their working day sitting down. An unhealthy sitting position has a negative effect on muscles and joints and causes discomfort. The ergonomic chairs and stools from HABA enable a healthy sitting position, in which the muscles in the back are supported. The seat height can be flexibly adjusted and adapted to the individual. Another back-friendly seating alternative is offered by the HABA stool with integrated gymnastics ball and individually adjustable seat firmness.

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