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HABA offer cupboards, shelves and mobile storage units that are specially tailored to the needs of crèches, nurseries, schools, as well as care and therapy facilities. Cupboards not only offer storage space, but also a wide range of design options and, as room dividers, discovery furniture or play stations, make a significant contribution to both the room layout and to the structure of everyday activities.

Versatile cabinets to discover and play

The grow.upp room concept is inspired by the colours and shapes of nature and creates a calming environment in which children feel comfortable. At the same time, it can create passageways to cosy cuddly caves and quiet reading corners that encourage discovery and exploration. The grow.upp range offers plenty of space for storage and a 5mm rounded edge to prevent injuries when crawling, climbing and playing, and can be combined with a variety of other play elements for varied visual, tactile and auditory sensory stimulation.

The right cupboard solution for every room

Whether it’s a spacious material cupboard, mobile shelves on wheels or a complete wall unit – HABA offers versatile storage solutions for every room. Using the modular move.upp cabinet system, a basic cabinet can be transformed into a dress-up unit, a kitchen, a sand/water tub, transforming any room into a dynamic, role play space. The Linus cabinet range from HABA is characterized by its stability and robustness. It offers a modern design with six selectable front colours to match any existing furnishing concept. HABA’s storage units are made using real wood from sustainably managed forests. Its high-quality three-layer chipboard with a robust melamine resin surface ensures that the furniture lasts a long time and stays beautiful in a busy children’s environment. 

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