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Soft Seating

Soft seating 

Children want to play, discover, do gymnastics and run around all day long. But in between they also need time and space to rest, read and recharge their batteries. Soft upholstery, nests and cosy corners create spaces of tranquillity to relax. HABA offers a wide range of nursery and school furniture that can create individual areas of retreat for crèches, nurseries and schools.

Relaxation with a cosy corner

Children have endless opportunities to play and discover in crèches and nurseries. In order to replenish their strength and energy again and again, little ones need a retreat where they can cuddle and relax in peace and quiet. The lovingly and colourfully designed nests and cushions from HABA create cosy snuggle corners that invite children to rest, relax and dream. Dimensionally stable foam offers a comfortable lying surface and removable covers ensure that the cosy corner can be kept clean and hygienic.

Comfortable mats for crawling, sitting and lying down

While crawling, little ones learn to understand the world around them. The perception of space and their surroundings develops and allows for new experiences. Crawling mats for cribs offer a soft and non-slip base for first movement and play. The mats are made from soft foam so Injuries are prevented, and the washable covers ensure that the play mats stay  hygienic. Mat elements with a backrest enable safe and undisturbed play in enclosed areas. The lovingly designed children’s sofas, in the form of flowers, clouds or rainbows, provide a dreamy backdrop for resting, cuddling and reading.

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