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Wall Decorations

Wall play elements

Children have a natural curiosity and desire to discover the world around them through play. An environment that encourages them to play and learn promotes child development and important skills such as creativity, fine motor skills and perception. HABA offers a variety of wall games for crèches, kindergartens, schools, after-school care and therapy, which invite you to observe, touch, listen, feel, try out, learn and discover with different elements.
Lovingly designed wall applications for playing and discovering
Trees, meadows, flowers and lots of animals: HABA extensive range includes lovingly designed wall applications in all sizes, colors and shapes that transform the room into an enchanting play setting. Sensory panels with different materials such as carpet or textile and a wide variety of sound elements provide tactile and acoustic stimuli. Play elements for pushing, pressing and turning promote motor skills and ensure that the wall toy for children never gets boring.
Tricky wall games for children and adults
Wall play elements bring fun and variety not only to the little ones – even older students and adults can put their skills to the test here. The changeable wall marble tracks allow children to build new paths along the wall and experience physical connections up close. A tricky ball labyrinth on the wall requires a great deal of instinct when turning and moving in order to let the ball roll along the right track – a tricky game of patience and skill for schoolchildren and adults too.

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