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Learning and creative furniture

Whether in crèche, nursery or school – children learn through doing. This is one of the reasons why haptic experiences are an essential building block of child development at any age. Touching and grasping, building and sticking or even handicrafts and painting are ways to get to know yourself and the world around you step by step. Playing and designing freely also promotes important skills such as fine motor skills and creativity. The learning and creative furniture from HABA creates space for research, experimentation and discovery, supporting the learning and creative opportunities in day-care, school and after-school care. 

Promote perception and creativity in nursery and school

Our nursery and school furniture is tailored to the special needs of the respective age group, promotes age-appropriate development and makes everyday work easier for educators. The learning and creative furniture from HABA supports the learning and creative opportunities in day-care centres and schools in a variety of ways. They stimulate the sense of discovery, promote the perception and creativity of children and young people and offer space for free design and play. Play tables such as the sand and water play table for outdoors and indoors, the research centre or the experimental tub from HABA allow playing with water, sand or mud and encourages experimentation and examining different elements.

Creative furniture for day-care, handicrafts and therapy

Children love to express their imagination with bright colours and shapes. HABA offers learning and creative furniture for painting, arts and crafts that support the creative process and give the children the right tools. Thanks to the height-adjustable painting surfaces, the HABA easels are suitable for children from two to 16 years of age and offer practical features such as cup and brush holders. Some of the wooden workbenches for children are available with a height-adjustable tabletop and can be used in mixed-age groups in nursery, school or therapy.

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