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Play lofts

Play lofts

In addition to their own home, crèches, kindergartens and after-school care centres are the places where children take the most important developmental steps, learn essential skills and build important relationships – it always starts with playing. Children get to know themselves and their surroundings through play, process experiences and train important motor, cognitive and social skills. A well thought-out, lovingly designed environment contributes significantly to child development. It brings structure to the gaming world, sparks curiosity and a spirit of discovery, and encourages creativity. The imaginative playhouses for kindergartens, crèches and after-school care centres from HABA create a safe space within a room that encourages children to discover, try out, learn and play.

Discover the world around you safely in the day care playhouse

A HABA playhouse for crèches, kindergartens or after-school care centres creates imaginative play worlds in which even the little ones can go on a journey of discovery safely and securely. Various levels, stairs, slides, peepholes, retreat caves and play elements provide fun, stimulate movement and sharpen the senses. The Gemino+ room program from HABA offers you a flexible modular system in which the individual elements can be installed and designed in a variety of ways. The grow.upp play worlds from HABA are inspired by the colours and shapes of nature and create a calming atmosphere in which children feel comfortable and are always encouraged to discover and try things out.

Age-appropriate playhouses for after-school

The Gemino+ range from HABA offers age-appropriate solutions for after-school care, with special elements designed to meet the needs of pre-school children and older. With a height of up to 170 cm, an age-appropriate playhouse also allows older students to stand and walk upright. With storage boxes and hook rails, order is restored in no time after playtime. Cosy retreats offer space to rest and relax. All playhouses from HABA can be flexibly combined, can be adjusted to your spatial conditions and meet all safety requirements.

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