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Speciality Cabinets

Grow.upp is a holistic room concept that uses nature as its model. Organic structures and gentle angles characterize the vibrant appearance of the rooms, which always allow new paths and create opportunities to discover, experience and learn new things. With grow.upp furniture, rooms can be designed to be as exciting as nature itself, and are the perfect supplement to a daily “excursion into nature”. The timeless look of the entire room lets grow.upp create an atmosphere of familiarity and security. The natural arrangement of shapes and colors, as well as a unique relation of right-angled storage furniture, playable trapezoid and angled cabinets, platforms, tables and cubby hole caves creates plenty of space for children to explore and discover.

Unlike in standard group rooms, the grow.upp furniture isn’t only placed against the wall. It grows organically into the room, structures it, and divides the space both visually and physically. The room remains open, as the dividers are filled with experiences, adventurous passageways, secret hiding places, and cozy rest areas.

The harmonious colour scheme of the grow.upp elements also considers the development-dependent variations in colour perception. This means that furniture for day care children uses mainly gentle colours with few contrasts, and individual colour stimuli are created with play material, carpets and fabrics. The furniture for preschool children, on the other hand, has selected colour contrasts, which emphasize the clarity and structure of the room design.

Perfectly designed to meet the needs of children

The unusual room structure sets new challenges for children every day, which promotes development. Child-friendly rooms should convey a sense of security, while also offering the opportunity to learn and try new things. That’s exactly what grow.upp does; it offers the opportunity to design inspiring rooms, in which children can act on their natural curiosity and independently discover their own little world. The pathways don’t always lead directly to their goal, but rather offer multiple options to get there. This requires inventiveness and targeted action
planning. The elements constantly create new challenges and open up a true “movement paradise” for children, which makes a variety of physical and perception experiences possible.

The overall view of the room and the resulting design requires imagination and creative thinking. The room concept effectively and lastingly supports the educational work of the teachers. The varied, fascinating play and retreat rooms, with diverse acoustic, haptic and visual effects, encourage children to work independently and help them to make their own decisions. The explorer areas can be used parallel, alone or in small groups, and they offer children the opportunity for individual retreat, for quiet observation or even to sleep. The grow.upp furniture
range is also very easy to handle, and saves time, even with spur-of-the-moment reconfigurations of the room.

Use new paths with grow.upp

Grow.upp is based on current scientific findings about early childhood development, and meets all the requirements which are set for a flexible furniture range for children in the age range zero to six years. Individual solutions in mixed age groups are also easy to manage with grow.upp, as are the needs of purely daycare or purely preschool groups. With grow.upp furniture you can
design rooms to offer a stimulating environment that meets the sensory needs of the children, and gives them the opportunity to have varied, three-dimensional experiences.

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