Bambini Peaks (Turquoise)

Bambini Peaks (Turquoise) – Its shape makes it rock solid. The recesses on the feet allow the tip to be hung in the saddle or in a wall bar. Thanks to the straps firmly attached to the bottom rung, it can be hung on wall bars without tipping over. The rung spacing is different, so the ascent itself requires attention.
  • no fall protection required if trestles are not stacked on top of each other


Possibility of use: interior
Product line: Movement landscape alpinio
main color: multicoloured
Brand: HABA Pro
Age of: 3 years
Loadable up to: 90kg
Height: 36 cm
Broad: 59 cm
Weight product: 7kg
Length: 75.5 cm
movable: no
Material: Birch (real wood), ash


Article number: 056355

£298.39 ex VAT

Product Information

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