BIOSWING® stool with pelvic support imitation leather, various colours, seat h. 34 – 44 cm.

The day-to-day work of educators places special demands on their backs. They often sit at tables that are height-adjusted for children. The back is arched and the spine is heavily loaded. The Bioswing stool for educators enables controlled freedom of movement even with the smallest of movements through specifically cushioned, small movements of the seat. The back is unconsciously dynamically stabilized and relieved. This promotes concentration, activates and relaxes. In addition, active sitting prevents back pain and damage to the spine. Highly efficient oscillating elements transform the finest impulses into revitalizing movement without you having to do anything. The Bioswing stool is height adjustable. This allows educators to sit comfortably at eye level even at low tables. The back is relieved and additionally supported thanks to the pelvic support. The imitation leather cover is available in different colours. Please indicate this when ordering. You also have the choice between hard and soft wheels. So you can order the stool in the version that suits your needs.
  • with padded pelvic support
  • increases concentration and well-being
  • Cover flame retardant and particularly hard-wearing
Product line: BIOSWING®

£583.27 ex VAT

Product Information

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Colour 18 options
Dimensions 44 cm x 34 cm x 36mm, Weight product: 10kg

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