Colourful View Wall

Partition wall system for crib and kindergarten
How does the world work when seen in a different colour spectrum? With 2 coloured Plexiglas panes (yellow-green, orange).

This outdoor partitioning system allows for separate play and activity areas for nursery and crèche children. For the 13 walls with their varied game functions, there are various setting and combination options: free-standing as a single element, as a roundel, as a zigzag wall or as a wall element. In any case, you can put together the functional walls individually and as needed and, of course, expand or replace them at any time. The height of the walls can be varied by a different burial depth of the posts.

Order note:
Please attach a simple sketch to your order. So we can check your compilation and create an individual installation manual for you.

Installation note:
When setting in concrete, you have the option of varying the post height depending on the application: e.g. in crèche or kindergarten height. For each post, a foundation (L 0.40 x W 0.40 x H 0.40 m) must be created.

  • 10 years warranty
  • extremely robust, with little vandalism susceptibility
  • extremely weather and UV resistant
  • no PAH values ​​(pollutants)

£499.97 ex VAT

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Glides/Casters Recommendations

Felt glides collect dirt over time, and this can damage the floor. We recommend regular replacement and use on harder floors.

Plastic glides are more suited for carpets. For linoleum or wood floors, we recommend enhanced plastic glides.

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