Double Wardrobe Shelf

Brings everything under one roof Whether it’s scarves, hats or gloves … the double shelves have space for everything that children have in their “hand luggage”. The bottom of the shelf is made of powder-coated perforated metal so that moisture does not accumulate in the compartments. This supports ventilation and ensures that things dry faster. At this wardrobe, five children will find a shelf on which all their possessions are perfectly tidy. That way nothing is lost. The front and side panels of the double shelf are made entirely of solid birch wood. The back wall is made of real birch wood veneer, which makes it robust and at the same time creates a friendly, warm atmosphere. In addition, the shelf fits perfectly with every colour concept. The hooks are available in different colours. In this way, the shelf can be matched to the colour scheme of the cloakroom or the foyer.

  • Space for small stuff
  • with 5 compartments
  • Shelves made of powder-coated perforated sheet metal

Materials: Steel (powder-coated), birch (real wood)

£393.80 ex VAT

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Glides/Casters Recommendations

Felt glides collect dirt over time, and this can damage the floor. We recommend regular replacement and use on harder floors.

Plastic glides are more suited for carpets. For linoleum or wood floors, we recommend enhanced plastic glides.

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