HABA Pro Fröbel kit wagon, 223 parts + layout templates

HABA Pro Fröbel kit wagon, 223 parts – Complete kit wagon made of unvarnished, sanded beech wood boxes with roller base. The contents of the kit wagon correspond to the 8 Fröbel kits (222 parts).

Contents: 222 parts + layout templates + 1 castor base incl. clearing templatesBasic geometric shapes for the first independent buildingBasic measurement 5 cm for numerous and varied forms and buildings in the 3 Fröbel categories: forms of beauty, forms of life and forms of knowledgePlayfully promotes understanding of the basics of geometry, symmetry and mathematics
Contents: 12 hemispheres, 1 base plate, instructions.
It helps to deal with feelings, encourage conversation and interaction, promote social and emotional skills, communication, empathy, self-reflection.

£827.27 ex VAT

Product Information

Colour brown
Dimensions Height: 35 cm; Broad: 35.7 cm; Length: 68.7 cm
Material beech

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