Height Adjustable Workbench

The chips fly on this workbench! Because here is plenty of space for all those who like to screw, hammer, glue and saw. Small up-and-coming craftsmen can practice the first handling of hammers, nails and saws here. The big ones can consolidate and expand their skills. The workbench is particularly refined, as it can be adjusted from 65 cm to 86 cm working height, so that even older children or adults can work comfortably at the table. On two sides of the workbench there are vices in which wooden blocks, rods, etc. can be clamped. The workbench offers two children comfortable space to do handicrafts, so they can help and support each other while working. Working at the workbench trains all the senses and the children improve their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and their ability to concentrate. The workbench is made of extra-hard, Nordic birch and therefore very robust and durable. Here, young and old craftsmen of all ages can hammer and saw to their heart’s content and let their creativity run wild.

  • with two vices
  • trains motor skills
  • made of extra-strong, Nordic birch

Materials: Steel, birch

£329.33 ex VAT

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