Music Set

Contents: 47 pieces.
1 coloured xylophone (15 notes), coloured large bell sticks (13 notes), 1 music frog, 1 pair of
maracas made of Mexican wood, 1 pair of children’s bongos, 2 medium cabasas, 1 tenor drum with handle, 1 triangle with side length 10 cm, 2 triangles with side length 15 cm, 2 pairs of finger cymbals, 1 skinless tambourine (Ø 25.5 cm), 1 hand drum (Ø 21 cm) with drum stick, 8 boom whackers (diatonic), 3 pairs of Korri claves, 2 bell rings, 4 rhythm eggs (Ø 4.2 cm, H 5.5 cm), 4 handle castanets, 5 large bell sticks, 4 mini maracas, 1 agogo bell.

• high quality instruments for 47 children
• up to 47 children can make music at the same time
• promotes musicality and sense of rhythm

£517.93 ex VAT

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