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Number Stacking Tower

Willy’s Number Stacking Tower is a colorful stacking set comprising 10 wooden cubes of different sizes. They can be stacked on top of each other to make a tower, sorted, or lined up next to each other: The fun with numbers and quantities is different every time. Four game ideas for the cubes with lots of versions help with learning numbers and a feeling for quantities. The geometric puzzle shapes of the stacking tower also make it both educational and fun.

Contents: 11 pieces.
10 stacking cubes (4 sides printed, 1 side with geometric puzzle pieces), 1 bag, instructions.

• introduces to basic addition and number partitioning
• fosters identification and naming of colours
• conveniently stored
• stackable on top of or inside one another

£69.80 ex VAT

Product Information

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Sustainable Materials

Environmentally friendly and made using renewable and biologically degradable raw materials.

10 Year Guarantee

Durable and warranted against manufacturer defects for up to 10 years to the original purchaser.

Colour and Customise

Made to order and offers many possibilities for customisation to suit any space and requirement.

Made from Real Wood​

We select our raw materials very carefully and only use the highest quality beech and birch veneers. 

Glides/Casters Recommendations

Felt glides collect dirt over time, and this can damage the floor. We recommend regular replacement and use on harder floors.

Plastic glides are more suited for carpets. For linoleum or wood floors, we recommend enhanced plastic glides.

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