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Tall Cabinet Partition

Tall Cabinet Partition: Narrow shelf in the shape of a house with 4 compartments. The top compartment has an upstand made of acrylic glass on the back, the two lower compartments have a back wall.
  • Partition cabinet and storage space in one
  • upper area can be used on both sides
  • suitable for a combination with grow.upp and rise.upp room divider

£406.15 ex VAT

Product Information

SKU 385448 Category

Sustainable Materials

Environmentally friendly and made using renewable and biologically degradable raw materials.

10 Year Guarantee

Durable and warranted against manufacturer defects for up to 10 years to the original purchaser.

Colour and Customise

Made to order and offers many possibilities for customisation to suit any space and requirement.

Made from Real Wood​

We select our raw materials very carefully and only use the highest quality beech and birch veneers. 

Glides/Casters Recommendations

Felt glides collect dirt over time, and this can damage the floor. We recommend regular replacement and use on harder floors.

Plastic glides are more suited for carpets. For linoleum or wood floors, we recommend enhanced plastic glides.

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