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Our third nursery project for Canopy nurseries, this time in Shrewsbury in what used to be a pub (!) now transformed into beautiful, light-filled open spaces. The centre piece is a Grow.upp Gemino in the large 2-3 years room. Third circle tables, Rise.upp interactive partitions, and Flower shape canopies all define the Canopy brand.

I wanted a completely fresh look and feel for Canopy Nurseries. In my experience, many of the UK nurseries look very similar and use the same brands for interior fixtures and fittings. I want Canopy Nurseries to be different and be synonymous with quality settings that are beautifully designed spaces for children to explore and enjoy. I achieved this by working with Creating Classrooms.

Sarah Beattie
Director at Canopy Children's Nurseries
Canopy Nurseries

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