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The Marston Day Nursery

The whole nursery project was completed in stages during lockdown. The first phase required furniture to be used to partition a large room into separate bubbles accommodating all age groups while other rooms were completed. Planning started with the full nursery concept all furniture and then we selected from these furniture lists to create a flexible solution for the phased development. Modular and mobile furniture with lockable casters easily created zones and enabled staff to make changes to accommodate different size groupings when required. The second phase saw the toddler room completed with 0-2 moved from the main room to the planned, dedicated space, and the main room adapted to meet the needs of 2-5-year-olds. Our fitters made the full installation and then returned to reorganise the rooms with the second phase delivery to complete the project.

“When planning the rooms, I hoped to achieve a unique and diverse space to ignite creativity and independence in our nursery environments – with the help of Creating Classrooms, this is definitely achieved!”

Hannah Little
CC Nurseries
CC Nurseries

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