Play furniture and room divider in one!

From little crawlers to beginners – children under 3 years are real world explorers. The natural urge to move and the need for security of nursery children can become a real challenge for childcare. It is important to have a protected space that can be seen by the educational staff , offers security and minimizes the risk of injury. With play incentives that specifically promote haptic, visual and auditory perception, children from 0 to 36 months are picked up according to their individual level of development. Separate play areas for the little ones make it possible, even in mixed-age groups to meet the needs of everyone.

Sturdy Design

Flexible Structure

The connector system allows five positions. Simply loosen the cover and adjust the angle using the screws.

Stable Stand

The room dividers can be fixed and secured without a connection to the wall with the room divider stand. 

Proven Quality

All room dividers are made of real birch wood, designed in accordance with DIN EN 1176 and tested by TÜV Austria.

Discovery for all the senses

Who is hiding there?

Funny figures promote fine motor skills and the imagination of objects that briefly disappear.

All board, please!

The truck with a rotating steering wheel and bench offers space for fun role-playing games and is ideal as a corner element.

See and feel

The crawling passage with five differently filled feeling pockets promotes haptic perception.

Room dividers for every taste

Room dividers are real all-rounders: They structure rooms, separate and connect at the same time. At the same time, they are also attractive privacy screens and decorative furniture. The room dividers made of high-quality real birch wood are offered in two modern design lines. Both the rise.upp room dividers and the grow.upp room dividers impress with their loving details, a natural look and a variety of incentives to play. The two design lines can also be installed together.


Rise.upp room dividers are an experience for all the senses. Everywhere there is something to discover, feel, hear or marvel at. Sun and clouds, but also small houses, shape the appearance of the room dividers. They appear urban and at the same time create a cozy feel-good atmosphere.


With Grow.upp, nature comes into the room. Adventurous passages, secret hiding places and cozy resting places create a lively play oasis. The harmonious color concept also takes into account the different color perception depending on the development. In relation to the room dividers, this means: soft colors with few contrasts.

Storage Space and Accessories