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Colour concept AQUA

Like a day by the sea

The gentle sound of the waves, fine sand between the toes, and the smell of salty sea air – that’s our colour concept Aqua. Inspired by the blue sea, the light sandy beaches, and everything you can find on a walk on the beach, Aqua brings the holiday feeling indoors. The different blue and natural shades not only convey a feeling of calm, safety, and contentedness. Blue is also known for stimulating creativity and inspiring new solution strategies. It encourages thinking outside the familiar framework. In terms of room design, the colour concept Aqua is particularly suitable for children aged six to ten in school. The colours make the rooms appear larger and give them cooling properties. This is particularly advantageous in entrance and waiting areas.


The following materials can be used to create the colour scheme:


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If you are working on a new build, planning a refurbishment, or just looking to freshen up your existing space with something new – we offer a room planning service with advice how effectively use colours.

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