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Colour concept DUNE

Today we go green

Walk barefoot over a green meadow and feel the tickle of the many small blades of grass – that’s pure nature! With all its nuances, the colour concept Dune bundles this feeling and brings it into the room. The refreshing shades of green not only symbolise growth and regeneration, but also express harmony and happiness. So it’s no wonder that green is universally known as a relaxing, anti-stress colour. Paired with water blue colour accents, the calming effect is complete. The whole thing is accentuated by natural gray tones reminiscent of smooth, cool stones, and fragrant earth. They are the perfect, neutral support colours that make the green and blue look even stronger. The colour concept Dune is therefore particularly effective in quiet rooms, teachers’ rooms, or classrooms.


The following materials can be used to create the colour scheme:


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If you are working on a new build, planning a refurbishment, or just looking to freshen up your existing space with something new – we offer a room planning service with advice how effectively use colours.

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