Digital Starter: Arranging Game Coding Pixel

Deciphering mysterious codes – this isn’t just fun for Cody and Pixi! The siblings show the players how a computer converts codes into colour images on the screen. Different codes are deciphered row by row and the pixels are placed in the right place. The children then become programmers themselves and develop their own codes! Who can keep track of the tricky
codes and place the right image on the coloured pixels? The three degrees of difficulty will have coding beginners and real pixel experts pondering!
Contents: 100 pieces. 100 dice with 4 coloured, 1 white, and 1 black side, 1 arranging frame, 18 code cards, 1 set of instructions. Material: real wood, plywood, cardboard.
Dimensions arranging frame:32,9 x 32,9 x 6,3 cm.

• basics of digital image construction and codes
• concentration and logical thinking
• fine motor skills

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£105.14 ex VAT

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