Digital Starter: Search & Sort

Have you ever had to search for something in an untidy children’s room? Cody and Pixi know the problem! Together with the players, the siblings discover how computers, unlike us humans, sort things and find them again in response to a search command. The children try out different ways of sorting with various things from their everyday life and understand the basics of simple search algorithms and a binary code. Who can keep track of everything while searching and sorting and manage to solve the tasks by assigning, comparing, and strategic search sequences, as well as finding the item they are searching for as quickly as a computer?
Contents: 38 pieces.
6 weight cylinders, 1 set of scales, 6 colour tablets, 6 animal figures (mouse, duck, beaver, cat, dog, horse), 2 fabric bags, 15 sock cards, 1 binary search tree, 1 set of instructions. Material: carton, cardboard, wood.
Dimensions: scale B 35 x H 4,5 cm, cylinders H 8 cn Ø 5 cm, dog B 1,4 x L 4,5 x H 4 cm.

• first experimentation with various searching and sorting algorithms
• concentration and logical thinking, fine motor skills, action planning

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