Digital Starter: Coding Labyrinth

What is the shortest route for the robot to get to their goal and still carry out specific tasks along the way? Three games encourage children to play the part of the robot dog “WiFi” and its programmer, and navigate through the tricky maze using all their senses. To do this, they “translate”
the tasks into simple codes, helping them to develop a deeper understanding of how computers, programming codes, and “programming loops” work.

Contents: 17 bases, 18 template cards, 1 small coding card, 61 large coding cards, 1 dog + wooden base card, 1 ball card, 1 bone card, 1 board, 1 set of instructions.

• getting to know how a computer works and the basic principles of computational thinking through playing
• guaranteed puzzle fun developing simple codes
• high-quality materials that encourages children to try things out

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