Kit wagon tower, 125 parts

Kit wagon tower, 125 parts – Elongated building blocks, slabs and special shapes for high and stable towers and cathedrals. The beech wood boxes are used to store the stones, the roller base makes transport easier. Consists of the “Tower” (Art. No. 125488), “Columns” (Art. No. 125487), “Plates” (Art. No. 125486), “X” (Art. No. 025233) kits ) as well as a rolling base (item no. 025250) and a lid (contrary to the illustration).Contents: 14 plates in different sizes, 28 logs in 3 heights, 4 spiers, 4 cuboids, 6 whole and 10 half special shapes, 8 large ones Arch, 4 small arches, 4 hemispheres, 4 spheres, 4 columns, 8 arch stones, 14 round columns, 8 parapets.

  • all basic shapes included
  • stimulate the imagination
  • particularly stable, robust, durable
  • in a stackable wooden box


£515.51 ex VAT

Product Information

Colour Natural
Dimensions H 43.5 cm x 32 cm x 58 cm
Material Birch wood

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