Create a flexible learning environment!

HABA early years furniture enables educators to an inspiring, create flexible learning environment that is adaptable for all activities, allowing children to feel empowered to make daily decisions about how they would like to learn.

The Move.upp range is made from real birch wood and is guaranteed against manufacturer defects for up to 10 years.

1. Nesting Tables

Tables can often be bulky and prevent classroom space from being used to its full potential to create a flexible learning environment. Our Move.upp nesting tables have locking castors and can be stored tidily underneath each other.

2. Moving Storage

Move.upp storage has the unique quality of being mobile and can be combined to create partitions. Once in place, the wheels can be locked into position. There’s also plenty of space for toys, books and materials.

The beautiful acrylic back creates a brighter, more inviting space. Or, if you prefer, shelving can be also left accessible from both sides. 

Other movable storage include trolleys, toy boxes on castors, stackable boxes and book wagons. 

3.  Move.upp Cabinet System

The Move.Upp modular cabinet system allows educators to combine base cabinets with unique learning elements. 

For example, the same base can be turned into sand/water play, role play, or sensory play, and so on. Optional locking castors enable easy movement around the classroom.

The arrangement can be changed at any time for playing, learning, or creative work. Also, experimenting to create a flexible learning environment. Both the Middle Elements and Top Pieces attach directly to the Base Cabinets.

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