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The Importance of Active Play for Children

It’s no secret that the Importance of Active Play for Children is essential for all children and young people.

The benefits of active play are plentiful!

Regular physical activity and its development can help improve mood or prevents chronic diseases. It improves physical fitness, helps with fine motor skills, and increases coordination, balance, and proprioception. All of these are necessary for a child’s growth and development. The benefits of physical activity do more than help children, and young people stay healthy and fit. It also helps them develop various skills and improve their academic performance. 

Active play is a great way to get kids up and moving while having fun!

The PE and Sport Premium is intended to help schools provide more opportunities for students to be active. Such as creating or improving sports facilities. Read more at GOV.UK.

“Schools have a central role to play in supporting all children and young people to live healthy active lives.” (GOV.UK)

Also, studies have found that ensuring that our children have a balanced lifestyle is essential.


HABA Pro products are excellent if you’re looking for ways to engage your kids in meaningful, collaborative, creative play. It’s a great way to keep your kids involved in active play too! 

At HABA Pro, we understand the importance of active play and have created a wide range of products to help promote it.

We are passionate about helping create new and exciting spaces dedicated to active play. This enables children to develop and grow in a fun and safe environment.  HABA Pro products are designed to enhance children’s active balance play by providing the opportunity to engage in climbing, jumping, swinging and more! In addition, the products are produced from premium-quality materials, customisable in various colours and textures. We provide a ten-year worldwide warranty to guarantee durability.

Browse our ACTIVE PLAY products below:

swing ball

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