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STEAM – Awaken the joy of discovery

Introducing our range of STEAM furniture for young children, designed to inspire innovation, and exploration. As parents and educators ourselves, we understand the importance of providing children with a flexible environment to cultivate their curiosity and passion, and support their invention and creativity.

“The child’s interest depends on the opportunity to make their own discoveries”

The principles of Montessori pedagogy are especially applicable to STEAM education. In scientific experiments, children are encouraged to follow their natural curiosity, exploring the elementary phenomena of nature and learning through their own experiences. Through this playful exploration, they can gradually come to understand, for example, the world of numbers and shapes, or the properties and forces that underpin scientific enquiry.

This is famously practised by the project approach of the preschools at Reggio Emilia in Italy, where the whole environment is conceived to support and provoke encounters and enquiry. By creating spaces and opportunities for children to test their own concepts, we can help develop sustainable understanding and build a strong foundation and enthusiasm for future learning.

HABA Pro’s learning and creative furniture make space for research, experimentation, and discovery, supporting education and creative opportunities in day care, school, and after-school care.

Explore the STEAM range in our new online brochure:

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