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Smart storage

Get rid of clutter and create possibilities!

Are you thinking about the type of smart storage you put into a children’s space? It can have a major impact on the way that space functions and is experienced.  Organised and harmonious rooms create a sense of well-being and calm. It helps to foster purposeful activities without unwanted distractions.  At their best, storage solutions can offer still more: space-saving, flexibility … They can even contribute to the material complexity in a space constantly explored and ‘tested’ by young children using all of their senses.

The e-book we’ve put together here introduces just a few of the storage options you can find in the HABA range.


Open shelves that contain stackable, wooden material boxes, so children can independently have access to resources. And can then also quickly put them away.  The runners on the base of each box mean that they can be stacked, without danger of slipping and toppling.

Lockable casters are an option we love to include when we plan our own nursery and school projects!  The modular storage units can be placed precisely together to create temporary partitions. Also to define activity spaces, with the brakes locking the axle and keeping the unit itself static.  When the space needs to be opened up, simply release the brake and easily push the unit into a different position. 

New Sensory qualities

The same real wood storage units are available in different shapes and sizes. Also with different material backs whenever required, introducing new sensory qualities: whether that’s a coloured acrylic to create engaging and changing coloured light shadows as the daylight changes through each day… Or perhaps a perforated steel plate.  The wood itself can be given accent colours by a water-based paint that at once seals and protects the wood. At the same time, it allows the natural wood grain to show through.

We talked a few months ago about our theme of ‘smart spaces’.  This is really how we want to approach any space we furnish.  Thinking about what we put into each room and the impact this will have … because the space we make and the things we put inside it are the Third Teachers. 


Smart storage

Is just one part of this process, but making the right choices for your teaching and learning can have an enormous impact on every other choice you can make. Put another way: that the room itself ‘allows’ you to make.

Trolleys, benches and even tables can nest underneath and inside storage units. It allows you to put them away whenever they’re not in use.  A cleared floor space is space for play, movement, experiment. 

Making storage mobile

It means you can bring activity materials to a group, setting up a trolley with all materials and resources you need in advance so everything is to hand.  Self-starting creative and play spaces can have all of the play materials contained inside something like the HABA construction table. (catalogue p. 70). Which, in turn, can be wheeled to any part of the room for ‘pop up’ play, construction and experimentation.  Art trolleys mean that scissors, paints, brushes, paper, and all tools and media can be stored in one unit and brought to the children.

Find out more in our new e-book, which introduces just a few of the many flexible storage options by HABA, and contact our friendly team to discuss ideas for things that can transform your space. Even one thing (the right piece of furniture or play equipment) can have a huge and transforming effect on the experiences of children and teachers in a classroom.


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