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Colours and Function Combined

Room concepts for daycare, childcare, preschool and school

Colours influence our perception and our moods. They awaken emotions and memories and make an important contribution to our sense of well-being. That’s why it’s important to consider the effects of colours when designing interior spaces, and to use them consciously in the design process. We have done precisely this and have developed three colour design concepts for educational facilities: Terra, Aqua, and Dune. Their colour schemes are based on nature and bring nature into the room. They are characterised by soft colours, complemented by a few sparingly applied accents. These natural and timeless colours evoke positive associations and are reminiscent of beautiful landscapes. The harmonious colour combinations support familiar visual patterns and create a feeling of safety and security.

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What can be achieved with a room’s colour scheme?

  • Children feel safe
  • enable playful learning in a prepared environment
  • Support and guide mood and concentration through colour
  • Create structure and provide guidance to educational professionals
  • Create an atmosphere that supports the individual educational areas
  • Create a high-quality workplace for educational professionals and reduce their workload

Colours & their effect

The most important influence on the individual colour scheme of a room comes from its users. As a general rule, the younger the children, the more subtle colours and contrasts should be.

  • Daycare children: subtle colour scheme that conveys a sense of security
  • Childcare & preschool children: balanced colour scheme with targeted contrasts
  • School children: clear and high-contrast colour scheme
Read a full description of the three following colour concepts: AQUA, TERRA, DUNE below.


If you are working on a new build, planning a refurbishment, or just looking to freshen up your existing space with something new – we offer a room planning service with advice how effectively use colours.

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